Distances Traversed at the 2018 #WorldCup after 60 Games

I am mindful of the limitations of GPS tracking data without context, but I have been fascinated by the data shared on the Match Facts pages of the FIFA website.
After 60 games, my record of distances traversed in the tournament as a total of all player tracks is 12,822,470 metres.

The median team distance traversed in the Group games was 105,057 metres, in the Round of 16 it was 107,340 metres and 105,948 metres in the Quarter Finals.

The distances traversed by team are:

Quarter Finalists leaving the tournament:

Round of 16 leaving the tournament:

Teams leaving after Group stage:

I have created an archive for the team and player tracks on GitHub. Data from all 60 games are available there.
Photo Credit
Fernandes goal (FIFA Live Blog)


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