Managerial change in the EPL 2017-18: standings at the end of week 37

I have updated my Flourish visualisation of the impact of managerial change in the EPL in 2017-2018 up to and including week 37.
The Flourish visualisation can be controlled by the viewer.
The graphic uses a very basic momentum scoring system: +1 win, 0 draw, -1 defeat. These outcomes are regardless of the league position of the opposing team.
There is a gap in the data for Week 31 of the season. These games will be completed this week. (Two teams are hidden in the graphic: Leicester has the same momentum points as Everton; West Brom’s recent form has elevated them to match Swansea.)
Five of the bottom six teams in the EPL are teams that underwent managerial change in the season. One of them, Stoke, has been relegated.
My video of the animation:

Mara Averick kindly created a gif and mp4 for me on my last attempt to share a Flourish animated visualisation.
This time, I used:

  • Gifox for a screen capture gif.
  • Ezigif to create an mp4 file of the gif
  • Zamar to convert the mp4 file into a .mov file for WordPress upload.

I returned to Ezigif  to compress the .mov file into a gif small enough to upload to WordPress (1Mb limit). (see Gif optimisation information.)

Photo Credit

Emirates Stadium (The West End, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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