A blast from the past

Almost forty years ago, I was selected to represent North Wales against the touring Romanian rugby team.
To my delight, Mark Burley spotted a BBC Wales #ScrumV tweet about the game.

The game was played in analogue video time. Other than a broadcast on the weekend of the game, I have not seen any record of the game since.
My memories of the day remain vivid and it is fascinating to see the try from a third party perspective.
In our preparation for the game, Tony Gray, had encouraged us to attack whenever we had any possession. The try came from possession won from a Romanian lineout and the passing move was completed in 10 seconds. Fortunately the passes came off everyone’s right hand.
It was one of the very few opportunities we had in the game and relied upon Chris Pratt’s straightening of the line of attack and Mike Leach‘s running lines from 6 in the lineout. I thought the move worked perfectly and for my part was keen not to overrun Mike.
The dead ball line was narrow so scoring on crossing the line was a priority for me. It is a memory that remains very vivid forty years on.
The video is a great reminder of those sensory experiences … best of all knowing you are going to score.



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