#AFLW 2018 Round 1

The 2018 AFLW competition started last weekend. There were four first round games.
I am using the AFL’s match centre for my secondary data collection.
My median profile of points scored per quarter after Round 1:

My record of the 4 games played:

There were 6 quarters in which a team did not score a point, and 3 quarters in which a team scored 1 point. There were 35 goals scored (compared to 28 in Round 1, 2017).
I am hopeful that my monitoring of the competition will be a contribution to issues raised by Richard Hinds. (I am mindful that the data shared here is from 4 games.)
In his discussion of Round 1, he observed:

But after a promising start the prime time marquee game descended into a low-scoring, error prone stalemate in which poor ball handling, wayward kicking and the Magpies’ miserly defensive tactics left the scoreboard attendant virtually redundant.

Carlton’s 22 to 14 victory came from a combined 11 scoring shots. In the second half just four points were scored.

He asked “Can we say an AFLW game was disappointing?”.

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How symbolic is this photo? (Leigh Ritchie, Twitter)


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