Scoring first and losing in six European football leagues 2017-2018

A picture of sassuolo calcio's first goal against Atalanta in Serie A
At the end of league games on 11 September, 212 games had been played in six European football leagues: EPL (40), Ligue 1 (50), Bundesliga (27), Eredivisie (36), Primera (30); and Serie A (29).
In 17 of these games, the team that scored first lost. Their occurrences are:

  • Serie A (5)

Benevento Calcio v Sampdoria (Round 1)

Roma v Inter (Round 2)

Atalanta v Napoli (Round 2)

Genoa v Juventus (Round 2)

Sassuolo Calcio v Atalanta (Round 3)

  • Ligue 1 (4)

Toulouse v Monaco (Round 1)

Metz v Guingamp (Round 1)

Toulouse v PSG (Round 3)

Rennes v Toulouse (Round 4).

  • Eredivisie (3)

Alkmaar v Eindhoven (Round 1)

Ajax v Heracles Almelo (Round 1)

Roda JC Kerkrade v PEC Zwolle (Round 1)

  • Primera (2)

Celta Vigo v Real Sociadad (Round 1) 

Celta Vigo v Real Betis (Round 2)

  • Bundesliga (2)

Freiburg v Leipzig (Round 2)
Bayer Leverkusen v Mainz (Round 3)

  • EPL (1)

Bournemouth v Manchester City (Round 3)

My aim is to update this post throughout the season. I am fascinated by this group of games as the exceptions to the impact of scoring first and not losing. As of 11 September the median % of teams scoring first and not losing in six European leagues was 86%.
Photo Credit
Sassuolo Calcio v Atalanta (Frame grab)


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