Winning and Losing in the Regular Super Netball Season 2017

The regular season in the inaugural Suncorp Super Netball Competition concluded last weekend. The Vixens, Lightning, Giants and Magpies have progressed to the playoffs.
I have been following Champion Data’s coverage of the games played. There were two drawn games in the regular season (Firebirds v Lightning, week 1; Vixens v Swifts, week 3).
My median profiles for winning and losing teams in the remaining 54 games over 14 rounds were:

I used BoxPlotR to visualise some of the data too.
A comparison of Winners and Losers

The data for this visualisation:

These data are available in this GitHub Repository.
Photo Credit
Twitter (RSN927am)
About BoxPloR
“This application was developed with Nature Methods as described in this editorial and this blog entry. Nature methods also dedicated a Points of View and a Points of Significance column to box plots.

This application allows users to generate customized box plots in a number of variants based on their data. A data matrix can be uploaded as a file or pasted into the application. Basic box plots are generated based on the data and can be modified to include additional information. Additional features become available when checking that option. Information about sample sizes can be represented by the width of each box where the widths are proportional to the square roots of the number of observations n. Notches can be added to the boxes. These are defined as +/-1.58*IQR/sqrt(n) which gives roughly 95% confidence that two medians are different. It is also possible to define the whiskers based on the ideas of Spear and Tukey. Additional options of data visualization (violin and bean plots) reveal more information about the underlying data distribution. Plots can be labeled, customized (colors, dimensions, orientation) and exported as eps, pdf and svg files.


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