Travel Companion 1

I have been travelling on motorways, main roads, side roads and country lanes in the last month.
I have been visiting twenty-four coaches in a critical friend group in England. My physical journeys have given me ample time to reflect on personal learning journeys.
I have a rental car not a coach. I am going to write about the ‘Mitcham Belle’ in a subsequent post. I am using the picture here as a placeholder for the etymology of the word ‘coach’ and the start of a conversation about learning journeys.
I have been thinking that if I place so much emphasis on coaches’ personal learning, I can move on from the descriptors ‘coach developer’ and ‘mentor’.
I have been looking for other ways to describe my work and I am going to settle on ‘travel companion’. I will explain more in subsequent posts but I hope this is a start of conversations about entangled learning that involves leading, following, guiding, meddling … and just being on the bus.
Photo Credit
The Mitcham Belle (Keith Lyons, CC BY 4.0)


  1. It might amuse you to know that in recent months I have seen several ‘coaches’ wearing hoddies with the picture of a ‘coach’ across their backs!


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