Exploring GitHub: Blue Skies and Stormy Seas

The alternative title for this post is ‘When Amber met Stephen … at Kogarah‘.
I am in Kogarah at the moment and have some time to read and contemplate.
Amber is Amber Thomas. I met her work whilst looking for analyses of open source bike data. Amber has a delightful, detailed discussion about Seattle bike data.
By accident, I noticed Amber’s post about making a website using GitHub pages. This is where the blue sky came into my thinking. I was fascinated by her combination of Blogdown (an RStudio package) that runs using “Hugo” on the GitHub platform.
This is the site she created.
As I was exploring Amber’s creative journey, I received an alert to Stephen Downes’ keynote at SUNY on 9 March. Stephen shared his presentation on Open Learning, Open Networks and I found my way to slide 13. This has a link to a presentation he made last year, Disruptive Innovations in Learning.
Slide 39 in the appropriately named ‘Disruptive’ presentation is where Stephen met Amber at Kogarah. This is the slide freshly clipped:

Today, I have spent much of the day connecting Stephen and Amber’s ideas in GitHub. My aim is to share, contribute and co-create.
What started as a blue sky day, has felt in some very powerful learning moments like this:

There is some calm in the ocean pool at Coogee (not far from Kogarah) but there are some big waves out in the ocean.
I have five repositories in GitHub. The focus of my attention today has been my Portfolio repository. I am hopeful this will become my place to share my digital presence.
It is a very long way from Amber’s creativity. It is also an unsuccessful attempt to use Dean Attali’s insights too.
As ever, I am hopeful that my learning journey becomes a resource for others should they (you) choose to share, contribute and co-create.
It has been that kind of day at Kogarah.

Photo Credits

Sky and Sea (Keith Lyons, CC BY 4.0)
Slide 39 Disruptive Innovations in Learning (Stephen Downes, CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License)


  1. Oh Keith! Yet again our thought paths intersect. I sat through a presentation today on disruptive innovation in technology – I am working in the innovation hub at Defence. At lunch afterwards I was talking with another triathlon coach who mentioned he and some friends sometime back created a device that can track drafting infringements in long course triathlon (to assist the officials with their job). We sponsor disruptive technology and he and I are two of the project managers overseeing prototype designs and builds and there are loads of things we see that would be applicable to sport if successful. Would love a coffee with you when we are both back in Canberra (enroute to Moo Tri to manage the penalty box for the pro race!).


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