Analysing #BBL06 … in Mumbai

My friend, Krishna Tunga, analyses the world game of cricket from his home in Mumbai.
I was introduced to Krishna over a decade ago by John Buchanan. Since then we have corresponded regularly about cricket performance. I had hoped that Krishna’s observation, data capture and data analysis skills might be of profound interest to any cricket organisation looking to compete in the sub continent.
As a result of his connection with John, Krishna has had a long term interest in Australian cricket performance. He monitors all Australia’s international performance in Test, ODI and T20.
He share this analysis on his web site, AllThatCricket.
Krishna has been looking at #BBL06 too. Despite time difference between Australia and Mumbai, Krishna builds his rich performance database with live, ball by ball encoding.

This is an example of his synthesis of data. BBL-6 Scorchers success very predictable using the right metrics!

Whenever I see Krishna’s data, I am staggered by his ability to record granular detail in real time.
His data archive extends to two decades of international cricket. This makes it possible for him to contextualise current performance.
This is an example of his work: an analysis of Australian one-day cricket since 1998.
I do hope that Krishna continues with his analysis. His work is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in cricket performance.


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