Learning Journeys

I have an opportunity to meet with some rugby union coaches on Sunday.
Our topic is personal learning journeys after formal accreditation completion.
I prepared my presentation earlier this week and shared it with the coaches in advance of our meeting. I have been modifying it since then as I reflect on the narrative I would like to share … and that might emerge.
I am hopeful that all my cloud resources might be helpful as we explore ideas.
I am mindful that I am meeting them on a Sunday morning after an intensive three days of the course.
This quote introduces my story about personal learning journeys.

A lighted match does not cause a fire. … a fire takes place because of a particular combination of elements of which the lighted match is just one. (Esko Kilpi)

I hope to end with a story about Blue Poles.

The artwork returned to the National Gallery of Australia this week. One of the people in this picture involved in the re-hanging is from my small town of Braidwood.
Ten years ago he saw a black and white picture of Blue Poles in a school art class and listened to an account of the significance of Jackson Pollack’s work.
Yesterday evening at a meeting of the Braidwood Education Foundation, he spoke about a decade of his personal journey. He was followed onto the stage by a Nobel Laureate,  Brian Schmidt. Quite a week!

Photo Credits

Dawn in Elrington Street (Keith Lyons, CC BY 4.0)
Blue Poles (ABC News, Ewan Gilbert)


  1. Today I meet with young people who may want to come to Cardiff Met and their parents. Their Personal Journeys will be influenced by decisions they make in the next few months. For both it is a new and exciting chapter. Later I am off to select the final 12 for the Welsh team to play in an historic match eries againt the Silver Ferns next week. Again the Personal Journeys of players, coaches and support staff will be enriched. Finally my own PJ will lead me to the theatre in Cardiff…. and all this ion a weekend when rugby is the main focus for many including me! Your writing has made me reflect on how lucky we are.


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