Some Neil Lanham Treasures


I have changed the title of this post in response to Neil Lanham’s concerns. I mistakenly used the word artefacts to describe the resources he shared with me.
Neil’s point is “I do not like the word artefacts in this respect. What I do is organic and alive. Artefacts is dead”.
I apologise for this original error.
I have chosen to use ‘treasure’ instead. I hope this connotes their past, present and future significance.
I have rectified another error in the post. Neil’s analysis of the 1990 World Cup was in three volumes.
Neil Lanham at a football game ready to notate performance
I have been in contact with Neil Lanham to clarify his role in the early years on notating football performance.
Neil has kindly shared a number of treasures with me. With his permission I include some of them here as a contribution to a more detailed history of football notation during the ‘Charles Reep years’.
A hand notation:
Neil Lanham's hand notation of a football game
Neil’s report to the FA (in three volumes) on the 1990 World Cup:
Report of 1990 World Cup
Neil also shared a contract letter from Dave Bassett for the 1986-1987 First Division season with Wimbledon Football Club.
The letter contains these stipulations:

whilst in our employment or in the event of termination of our agreement that you are unable to reveal to any person or persons any of the analysis secrets of our confidential operations …

the same applies to any other football knowledge gained during your time with me and Wimbledon Football Club which will be kept with complete secrecy on all confidential information entrusted to you …

The early computer system, Neil and his wife Hazel.
Neil built up a database of 5,000 games to enable him to predict with confidence season outcomes.
Neil and Hazel Lanham

Photo Credits

All photographs courtesy of Neil Lanham


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