Updating a Sport Informatics and Analytics Open Educational Resource

I have spent much of today updating the Sport Informatics and Analytics Google Site.
I have been visiting some primary sources to add substance to two pages of the Site:
Pattern Recognition
On the Informatics page I have tried to provide a much more detailed account of different terms in different cultures. Within a decade, researchers and practitioners in Germany, France, the United States of America and Russia could communicate about a domain that in English became informatics.
My update of the Pattern Recognition page has included links to primary sources listed in Gil Press’ (2013) short history of data science and includes 20th century developments from 1947-2000.

I continue to add to the bibliographical references throughout the site.
The Site is an open educational resource and I would welcome any suggestions for content within it.

Photo Credit

Ten swimmers lining up to start a race at Green Lake … (University of Washington Digital Collections, No Known Copyright Restrictions).


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