A Day with Charles, His Colleagues and Critics

I have had a very productive day at the start of my compilation of a Charles Reep archive.
There are some primary sources I have not been able to verify but I hope we might can crowdsource these to ensure all bibliographical references are correct. I have found Google Scholar and the University of Canberra Library very helpful for the confirmation of academic papers.
I have heard from Neil Lanham overnight. I am looking forward to contacting Richard Pollard too.
The image to introduce this post is from 1958. Charles hand notated the World Cup Final in real time at the Rasunda Stadium. When I met with him in 1996 he was able to recall the game and had transferred his hand notations onto a roll of wallpaper. He thought this was a great way to visualise the flow of the game.
As we debate his legacy, I am minded that the real time data he captured that day included the performance of a 17 year old Edson Arantes do Nascimento … Pele.

Photo Credit

World Cup 1958 Brazilian Team Holding Ericfons (Ericsson, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) (In the photograph left to right Garincha, Pelé, Gylmar and Didi.)


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