Cores and Edges: Video Postscript

After writing about my presentation on Cores and Edges, thanks to Lewis Cressy at the National Sports Information Centre, I have two video links to my presentation.
A one minute summary:

A twelve minute summary:

My final slide presentation is here.
I enjoyed returning to the AIS and was delighted see so many friends there.
I am off to pursue more insights into two key themes in my talk: critical friendship; optimisation.


  1. An interesting presentation; the long extract gives a very clear feel for the messages you were aiming to get your audience to think about (I trust they did).
    Its interesting that we have gone from the gifted amateur to the professional athlete. I wonder to what extent that the professional athlete is motivated compared to the gifted amateur?

    • Sorry for my delayed reply, Gordon.
      The fire service has helped me think about the connection between giftedness and occupation. I think you and I have spent much of our lives as teachers and coaches unearthing intrinsic motivation and amplifying that wherever possible. We would have considered too professional as an adjective and Professional as a noun. I have been a small p person hoping that it is our values not our remuneration that guide us.


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