Performance against ranking in the 2016 #AFL season

The regular 2016 AFL season finished last weekend.
Throughout the season, I followed each team’s performance against their ladder position at the end of the 2015 regular season.
This is my colour record of the games played in 2016:
The legend I use is:
A good season would see a predominantly green and gold mix of colours (Geelong as an example this year). A poor season is dominated by blue and red (Essendon as an example).
Coaches of blue and red teams come under significant pressure. Today, Brisbane announced that they had sacked their coach, Justin Leppitsch.
Brisbane had two home wins this year. In Round 4 they defeated a higher ranked team (Gold Coast) by 13 points but did not win at home again until Round 21 (a four point victory over Carlton).
The minor premiers in each AFL season do not have an opportunity for a gold win or a blue defeat. If they have a good season it will be predominantly green.
Fremantle have had a predominantly red season. This has led to questions about Ross Lyon’s coaching style and ability.
A green and gold season gives supporters hope. St Kilda’s final green win of the season at home was that kind of win.
Finals start on 8 September. These are the profiles of the teams that have made it to those games:
Top 8


  1. Hi Keith, interesting summary. i wonder if the analysis of the wins against lower ranked teams from 2015 was changed to wins against higher ranked teams from within the same season(2016) it would reveal which teams were performing better the current year, and show how performance improved over the year. i think better team will always perform better against lower ranked teams from the previous year (and the analysis supports that) unless there has been a radical change to the team and systems; also if you finish high open year, all teams are lower than you!, also it takes years for new players to have an influence, so the wins against lower teams may not be as revealing.
    thanks for the thought provocation!


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