The Art of AFL Performance After Bye Weeks 2016

Twenty-one rounds of the 2016 AFL competition have been completed.
I have been looking at the momentum of teams after their bye week.
I have three images that represent teams’ progress since weeks 13, 14 and 15.
(This group is framed by Adelaide at the top and Carlton at the bottom.)
(This group is framed by West Coast at the top and Essendon at the bottom.)
(Geelong, Hawthorn and GWS converge at the top pf this group. The lower trajectory is Fremantle.)
I have been wondering what the minimal information that can be shared to identify a team’s progress and how each fares after a bye. I have used a default colour scheme to compare trajectories.
This is the representation for all eighteen teams:
The reference points here are Adelaide at the top and Carlton at the bottom. Both teams had their byes in week 13.
My data are here.


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