ANZ #Netball Grand Final 2016 (1)

I was fortunate to see the broadcast of the 2016 ANZ netball grand final between the Queensland Firebirds and the NSW Swifts.
I thought it was a wonderful athletic, skill-rich contest.
I did record the game and have started a lapsed time analysis to explore some ideas about performance in netball.
I had an opportunity to try out a hand notation system and came up with this record of possessions in the game. (I used a light colour for a possession and a dark colour for a possession leading to a goal.)
This is my notation:
Grand Final 2016
I have a time for each goal and will explain the significance of this notation in a subsequent post.
I am interested in score by possession too. This is my record of the game:
I have used a Google Sheet for my data from the game.
My third graphic comes through Champion Data’s report of the grand final. It records the point difference between the teams.
Final Scoreline
In my next post I aim to draw out connections between this game and the analysis of performance in invasive court games.
What a wonderful game to trigger a conversation about performance.



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