#coachlearninginsport: new adventures

I have just been given a wonderful opportunity.
Teaching and Learning at the University of Canberra have offered me a research fellowship.
I have a very wide-ranging brief to explore students’ personal learning journeys and how teachers might use insights from these journeys to inform their pedagogy.
Much of what I will do will have direct relevance to my #coachlearninginsport explorations. I have a sense that my journey will help me think even more about coach and athlete learning.
I have a new language to explore.
My first thoughts are drafted in this mindmap:
I have started a Google Doc too here.
The one item that has caught my immediate attention is Orchestration. I found Pierre Dillenbourg’s position paper. In it he observes:

I did not use the metaphor of the orchestra conductor. I prefer to drop metaphor that generate unproductive debates and to use ‘orchestration’ as a concept on its own. It is for me a rather technical concept, although it conveys two flavors. The pedagogical flavor is the empowerment of teachers as drivers of classroom activities. I do not mean more lecturing; even constructivist approaches require smart leadership. The technological flavor is minimalism: technologies that are not smart, that have simple effects (e.g. oneaction per card), that display basic information such as making visible things that would otherwise be invisible. We may call this ‘modest computing’.
My hope is that my immersion in this world of personal learning will help me develop my own and support other narratives about learning journeys that are enriched by explicit differentiation as a celebration of personal differences.

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Dawn across Canberra ACT (Spello, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


    • Thank you, Gordon.
      It is a great opportunity. I am looking forward to sharing whatever I find.
      Best wishes


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