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I curate some of the links with the #UCSIA16 tag.
This is one I posted today

Bill shares eight lessons on “how to use data analytics effectively to improve performance”.

  1. Analytics must always be decision-driven not data-led or technique-led.
  2. Analytics can only be effective in organisations with an evidence-based culture.
  3. Analytics should result in data reduction rather than adding to data overload.
  4. Data analysis is a signal-extraction process.
  5. The most important data are the expert data created within an organisation.
  6. Analytics is not all about big data.
  7. Analytics is mostly exploratory and explanatory, seldom predictive.
  8. Effective analysts are humble servants who respect the experience and expertise of the end-users.

I am delighted Bill has shared these insights. I like the humility dimension of number 8 on this list. His list provide an excellent guide for students following the #UCSIA16 WikiEducator course.
They are particularly helpful in the capstone topic for the course.

Photo Credit

Des Frawley, Athletics Carnival, Brisbane, 1952 (State Library of Queensland, no known copyright restrictions)


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