Evolving Learning Spaces @UniCanberra

Back in 2010, I wrote about design changes to the spaces available for learners at the University of Canberra.
I was reflecting on my posts today as I saw how the spaces were being used now.
I visit the University each Wednesday and so have a time-lapse view of changes to the learning spaces.
Today, there are new additions … play stations:
The coffee shop offers convivial conversation:
I liked the way one of the walls was used for a paper exhibition of a wayfinding study at the University:
The display has been up for some time but I think it is an excellent way to share the transparency of the response to a wayfinding brief:
Back in 2010, I was expressing my hopes that the Commons spaces would be used in a variety of ways as people became accustomed to the freedom the spaces offered.
I was delighted that the conversations around the play station spaces seemed to reflect the kind of conversations I would have had over pinball in the 1970s.
I am pleased that the Commons are vibrant places and that coffee is at the heart of this.


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