Digital environments and opportunities to learn

I spotted this tweet this morning.

and thought about my hierarchy.
The Museum of Modern Art has an interactive visualisation of David McCandless’s 2009 Hierarchy.
This is information shared in the about this project box:
This is an interactive aggregation of 133 connections in David’s pyramid
This is the first time I have seen this visualisation. It has encouraged me to think even more about how to represent the agnostic nature of personal learning opportunities.
More than ever I am thinking I need to be able to write code to create my own visualisations.
I discovered wikiCalc this morning and am keen to explore this platform as one way to augment the way I share data and ideas. (I found Dan Bricklin through a SoundCloud podcast about spreadsheets.)
At present I am using:

To structure my connected of distractions attractions. Even with this very small digital footprint, I do have extensive opportunities to learn … forever mindful now of Joi Ito’s observation “learning is what you do to yourself”.


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