Visualising Performance Data: #ENGvAUS Netball Test Series 2016

I have been following the three-match netball test series in England.
Australia won the series 3v0.
I found Champion Data’s record of the games very helpful.
In advance of more interactive visualisations, I am sharing a box plot of goals scored in the 12 quarters played.
3 Test Box Plot
I used BoxPlotR to generate this visualisation.
(In this plot, centre lines show the medians; box limits indicate the 25th and 75th percentiles as determined by R software; whiskers extend 1.5 times the interquartile range from the 25th and 75th percentiles; data points are plotted as open circles. n = 12 sample points.)
I have been thinking about random walk behaviour in court games.
My plot of shots at goal and goals scored for the first test match is:
This was the closest game in terms of goals scored. England missed just five attempts at goal in the whole game (Australia missed eleven).
In all three tests, Australia had more goal attempts than England.
I was thinking about how to visualise momentum in these games.
For the second test, I thought I would identify any examples of one team dominating play. These data do indicate a shift in momentum in the game and highlight Australia’s dominance of the third quarter.
My blocks of colour are intended to indicate dominance of play by Australia (dark green) or England (red) per minute played.
I see some fascinating opportunities to create interactive visualisations of these data.

Photo Credit

Third Test (Australian Diamonds, Twitter)


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