#coachlearninginsport: soundtracks

I have been watching a lot of T20 cricket in the last month.
BBL05 has been broadcast on free-to-air television here in Australia.
During breaks in the coverage, one advert has really grabbed my interest and sent me off thinking about #coachlearninginsport amid the flurries of runs and wickets.
The advert is called The Moment Is Now. It is an advert for Ballarat. It has appeared in various forms.

This is an example:
I like the energy of the images and the sound track really engaged me.
I went off in search of the sound track. It is called Flying Home. It is written and performed by the Pierce Brothers.

I found them on a tram in Melbourne in this video (4mins 30 seconds)

I really liked the virtuosity of their perfomance and their ease with each other.

So, my thinking …

Their vocals in the advert are the rhythm of the video. They are invisible but they are there. They appear at the end (of the full version).

The tram session … what invisibility looks like when you make it visible.

I wondered what music forms the backdrop to coach learning.

Does this change as we develop as coaches?
I wondered too if we are open to other voices and sounds.
I am really impressed by Ballarat’s advertising campaign. Someone had a great bisociative moment of envisioning images of an energetic city connected with musicians who were spotted performing on the streets of Melbourne.

I wondered if each of us were to make a video of our coaching or our activities in support of coach learning, what images and soundtrack we might include.
I think #coachlearning in sport is the music that is inside us and the ways we share it with others.
The full Ballarat story is 3 minutes.

Photo Credit

T20 Big Bash League (Werdan, CC BY-SA 2.0)


  1. “Nice post Keith – Would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts-
    There is music inside all of us. Music should enhance whatever we are doing, and not distort.Doctors and surgeons listen to music on operating table. They either use a earphone device or a tape recorder(if all doctors in room are comfortable). The music and its sound should be acceptable to all. I haven’t coached anyone, but i wonder whether it is a distraction when learning new set skills?. I get distracted if i am learning new skill alone.
    thank you


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