#coachlearninginsport: seeing possibilities, sensing opportunities

A few days ago, I wrote a post about Billy Walsh.
The process of writing that post took me back to another part of Ireland, the Grillagh Water House near Maghera, County Derry.
Grillagh is a house designed and built by Patrick Bradley.
My post about Billy discussed art and autonomy. It was a short journey of imagination to think about Patrick, art and architecture.
Patrick was featured in Series 11 of the Grand Designs program.
What struck me about Patrick was that he had enormous confidence in a project that others, even his own family, questioned.
This is Patrick:
As I watched his story unfold, I was struck forcefully by the principles he was using in his design practice. His website has this quote:

Beautiful architecture is not only about the buildings, but about enhancing human lives and emotions for the better.

This use of principles extended my contemplation of #coachlearninginsport and the role each of us might play in others’ flourishing.
In the Grand Designs program about Grillagh, Patrick locates his thinking about a design in County Derry with the inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House.
At the end of the (triumphant) completion of Grillagh, Kevin McLoud says “This house changes everything …”.
I wondered how we might support such insight in coach learning. Patrick sees things and sees them in an aesthetic way that I find breath taking.
If Billy has helped us contemplate the art of coaching, I think Patrick has helped us expand our horizons as to how we might engage with gifted coaches as they sense opportunities to transform learning experiences.
The exciting part of this story for me is that Patrick’s vision is grounded in principles and history. In seeing things, he has touched a timeless seam of creativity.
Grillagh would be a great place for a coach learning visit with Patrick as a guide … and perhaps an opportunity for a donation to a homeless charity:

Photo Credits

Grillagh Water House (Wales Online)
Patrick Bradley (Twitter)
Fallingwater House (Mathieu Thouvenin, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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