Top Four momentum going into the 2015 #NRLFinals

In an article in today’s Conversation, Vince Kelly discusses predictions for the 2015 NRL Finals.
Vince looks at a number of indicators to explore prediction of the Grand Final. These include for each team:

  • Players under 26 years of age
  • Game-playing experience
  • The spine of the team
  • Coach impact

Vince points out the limitations of his approach but does suggest “Based on this analysis my money would be on the Storm who come up trumps in more categories than any other team”.
I thought I would add momentum into the mix too. This is my look at the trajectories of the four teams playing in this weekend’s qualification finals.
NRL Top Four
In the light of Vince’s predictions, it is interesting to note that the Storm’s three companion teams each scored 100 tries + this season. The Roosters have won all the games they have played since Round 13.
It will be fascinating to see how regular season momentum relates to Finals footy.

Photo Credit

Match de rugby league (Pierre Roudier, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


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