A Community Discussing Playfulness

A month ago, I wrote about discussions in my home town about the siting of a skate park. For me and many of my friends, the discussions were are about bigger issues of how we as a community involve everyone in play and decisions we make about play.
This evening I attended a fascinating talk by Jason McNamee of ENLOCUS. Jason shared his experience of working with communities to create vibrant public spaces.
My notes of his talk highlighted:

  • Inclusion
  • Elevation
  • Social space
  • Social skills
  • Vocational experiences
  • Mentorship
  • Audio visual opportunities and digital connections

Jason shared his experiences of community facilities developed in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, ACT and Queensland. I thought his examples were excellent and many of them appear here on the ENLOCUS website.
We have a wonderful opportunity to reflect on Jason’s vast experience. I was overwhelmed by some of his ideas to connect whole communities. I was delighted that he used some excellent examples of rural communities coming together to support and build facilities.
I was very interested in what has happened in Peterborough, South Australia.

Located in the regional heart of Peterborough, on a prominent main street frontage this Skatepark highlights a Community who value their youth in the public realm.

I note the “prominent main street frontage” that “highlights a community who value their youth in the public realm”.
I do understand that there are significant anxieties in my town about the prominence of a skate park. I am very keen to engage in conversations about this.
I want to be part of a community that takes its time to decide how we might value everyone in our community’s playfulness. I am excited that our young families might lead us to this kind of considered engagement.

Photo Credit

Peterborough, South Australia (ENLOCUS website)


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