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There are some great #UCSIA15 resources available at the moment.

Large-Scale Sports Analytics

I was hoping to attend a KDD Workshop in Sydney on 10 August but will have to participate remotely from Braidwood. The Workshop on Large-Scale Sports Analytics is part of KDD2015 and is being held at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney.
The workshop organisers are: Patrick Lucey; Yisong Yue; Jenna Wiens and Stuart Morgan.
There are 9 invited speakers and 12 papers presented as posters. There is a Workshop website.

Invited Speakers

Rajiv Maheswaran: Machines that Understand Sports
Thorsten Joachims and Shuo Chen: Modeling Intransitivity in Matchup and Comparison Data
David Martin: Sport Analytics in the NBA: Translating Awareness into Action
Chris Polley: A Perspective on Analytics
Darren O’Shaunessy and David Rath: Integration of Diverse Match Performance Data
John O’Brien and Mark Fichman: Investing In Three Point Shooting: A Strategic Portfolio Management Approach
Joachim Gudmundsson: Geometric algorithms for sports analysis
Felix Wei: Forecasting Adversarial Behavior in Sports Using Large Amounts of Spatiotemporal Tracking Data
Yisong Yue: Learning Spatial Models of Basketball Gameplay

Papers as Posters

Thomas Kautz, Benjamin Groh and Bjoern Eskofier: Sensor Fusion for Multi-Player Activity Recognition in Game Sports
Mahsa Salehi, Geoffrey Mackellar and CHristopher Leckie: Car Racing Driver Distraction Detection Using Brain EEG
Laszlo Gyramati and Xavbier Anguera: Automatic Extraction of the Passing Strategies of Soccer Teams
Dominik Schuldhaus, Constantin Zwick, Harald Korger, Eva Dorschky, Robert Kirk and Bjoern Eskofier: Inertial Sensor-Based Approach for Shot/Pass Classification During a Soccer Match
Peiman Barnaghi, Parsa Ghaffari and John Breslin: Text Analysis and Sentiment Polarity on FIFA World Cup 2014 Tweets
Jason Hunt, Nick Sanders and Stuart Morgan: Tracking player movement in wheelchair rugby: Towards spatial analysis
Daniel Link and Hendrik Weber: Using Individual Ball Possession as a Performance Indicator in Soccer
Sebastian Gerke and Karsten Muller: Identifying Soccer Players using Spatial Constellation Features [pdf
Behzad Bozorgtabar and Roland Goecke: Dominant Interaction Group Detection in Team Sports
Ramana Oruganti and Roland Goecke: Player Falling Detection in Soccer Matches Videos
Benjamin Groh, Thomas Kautz, Dominik Schuldhaus and Bjoern Eskofier: IMU-Based Trick Classification in Skateboarding
T. Fernando, Felix Wei, C. Fookres, S. Sridharan and Patrick Lucey: Discovering Methods of Scoring in Soccer Using Tracking Data

Data Science Central

Tim Matteson has compiled a great resource linked to Michael Walker’s (2013) visualisation:
Tim provides 24 Data Science, R, Python, Excel, and Machine Learning Cheat Sheets.
Tim’s list includes posts on:
Data visualisation with R
10 Machine Learning Algorithms and R Commands.
His list opens up a remarkable range of Data Science Central resources

Sports Analytics Conference

The 2015 Australian Sports Analytics Conference is being hosted by KPMG in the Banking Chamber, 147 Collins Street, Melbourne on 28 August.
There is a Conference website and a provisional program.
The program indicates that there will be two concurrent sessions. The provisional program lists a total of 19 sessions.

Socio-Technical Aspects of Pervasive Computing Research

One of the important strands of #UCSIA15 for me is the discussion of ethical issues. I received a link to Vic Callaghan and colleagues (2009) paper on intelligent buildings and pervasive computing research. They conclude their paper with this observation:

we have found ourselves dealing with questions that concern the ethics of specific aspects of Intelligent Buildings and smart environments together with its potential for being turned from a beneficial technology for both the individual and society into its opposite.(2009:17)

Misuse, Overuse and Misunderstanding

A second ethical issues paper that might be of interest is Dave Collins, Howie Carson and Andrew Cruickshank’s (2015) response to Shaun Williams and Andrew Manley’s (2014) paper on surveillance in rugby union. Dave, Howie and Andrew propose:

we encourage coaches and academics to think carefully about what technology is employed, how and why, and then the means by which these decisions are discussed with and, preferably, sold to players. Certainly, technology can significantly enhance coach decision-making and practice, while also helping players to optimise their focus, empowerment and independence in knowing how to achieve their personal and collective goals.

Gain Line Report #12

The July report from Gain Line on Trade Policy and Cohesion raises some fascinating issues about how we identify important issues in team performance. The report looks at performance characteristics within NFL and AFL.

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