1. Hi Keith. Great you can join us tomorrow and thanks for your messages here. I am too interested in pursuing the signal and noise idea as spoken about by Nate Silver in his book. From your words it sounds like you believe that the noise is as important as the signal in learning? In my world at the moment I’m wondering whether in cricket in the UK we’re creating over complication with exploring all the noise around learning about coaching rather than trusting our knowledge and experience a little more. Look forward to catching up. Keith Tomlins

    • What a delightful surprise, Keith. Thank you for finding the post. I am delighted we are going to meet.
      I believe we all need help with the noise and like you I am very keen to simplify complexity.
      I have been talking about being a meddler in the middle as someone who supports coach learning as I think we are inextricably linked with the coaches we support.
      See you on Friday.


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