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One year ago this week, I wrote about René Redzepi and the Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen.
I was fascinated by René’s vision for the restaurant. Anne Marie Barsøe (2013) has written that:

The massive impact and success of Noma and its young charismatic founder Rene Redzepi is due to the fact, that Noma is much more than a restaurant. Noma is the epicenter of a global movement among chefs turning their attention back to nature.

By happenchance, I met another René this evening in the comfort of my own home. This René is an architect, Patrick Bradley.
Patrick appears in the British Grand Designs Series 11 in Episode 6. The program was televised this evening in Australia.
The story of Patrick’s transformation of four shipping containers appears as a photo story on his website.
What enchanted me was his vision for how the building he designed would sit in rural County Derry. Patrick suggests that:

Beautiful Architecture is not only about the buildings, but about enhancing human lives and emotions for the better

I liked too that he was creating his version of Fallingwater House in the Northern Ireland countryside.
A few hours before the program, I had been writing about a vision for coaching in a decade’s time.
I am hopeful that whatever coaching may be like in 2024 it will have had the opportunity to be nourished by people who have Patrick’s and René’s sense of wonder about the world and celebrate what might be possible when we pursue our imaginations.
Whatever this spirit is, Patrick has got it.

Photo Credits

Upper path in Ness Wood (Eskling, CC BY-ND 2.0)
Fallingwater House (Mathieu Thouvenin, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Grillagh Water House (Wales Online)



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