2015 AFL Season

The 2015 AFL season started over the Easter weekend.
The average outcomes for Round 1 winners by quarter were:
W1 2015
For losers:
L1 2015(Note error bars for winners and losers are for all nine games played in the Round)
In the first round of games in 2015, three lower ranked teams from 2014 (Melbourne, Western Bulldogs and Adelaide) defeated higher ranked teams (Gold Coast, West Coast and North Melbourne).
Fremantle overcame a 3 point deficit at the end of the third quarter to defeat Port Adelaide at home. Western Bulldogs overcame a 2 point end of third quarter deficit to defeat West Coast at home.
It will be interesting to track performances against 2014 trends.
In 2014, the average points scored per quarter by winners in the regular season were:
Winners 14
By losers:
Losers 14(Note error bars for winners and losers are for the average scores each round of the 2014 season)

Photo Credit

Footy (Beau Lebens, CC BY-NC 2.0)


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