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A theme in the open line course #UCSIA15 (Sport Informatics and Analytics) is the process of sharing analytics stories with an audience (either imagined or with colleagues in a specific context).
I hope we will discuss how the ways we share stories can trigger learning.
I have been interested the role video can play as a trigger and have a specific interest in sharing unresolved scenarios to engage conversation about decision making or assessment.
Susanne Lajoie and her colleagues (2014), Peter Fadde and Patricia Sullivan (2013), and Niels Brouwer (2011), amongst others, have been reviewing the use of trigger videos in teachers’ continuing professional learning.
I have started to compile some videos to stimulate discussion about what we do in Informatics and Analytics.
Two of the three will be very familiar to those in the community of practice. These are short videos.
The third is longer (16 minutes) and is from a different context.I am very keen to introduce Julian Oliver and the role of the critical engineer.
The three together encourage me to think about and reflect on my practice. All are in English.
My Wolfgang Iser experience leads me to invite viewers of the videos to make of them what you will … and perhaps we can discuss your take on them.

Seattle Sounders (2014)


Gloucester Rugby 2012

Augmented Improved Reality



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