IASI in Canberra 2014

This week, the Australian Institute of Sport is hosting the annual meetings of the International Association for Sports Information (IASI) and the Australasian Sport Information Network (AUSPIN).
There are two days of meetings.
Day 1 (10 November) includes:

  • A welcome from Simon Hollingsworth, Australian Sports Commission.
  • Welcome addresses by Gavin Reynolds and Hartmut Sandner
  • A discussion of high performance projects including: an Athlete Injury Prevention Database; an athlete welfare portal; and a review of Australian sports performance.
  • Discussions of digital sport initiatives including: a sport passport; an open sport data initiative; apps and the sport professional.
  • The IASI General Meeting
  • Discussions of participatory and capability development projects including: volunteer market segmentation; sporting schools; and the national participation survey.

Day 2 (11 November) includes:

  • An opportunity to share and evaluate data: a scientific documentation service for China; a database for high performance training centres and camps; video sharing.
  • An international sport system intelligence roundtable: a benchmark study of national sport information systems; a trusted network to share policy and system information.
  • Performance tracking and monitoring: examples of tracking and monitoring; data driven investment models.
  • An open session: clearinghouse activity; Tokyo 2020.

Photo Credit

AIS Swim Hall, Bruce ACT (ArchivesACT, CC BY-NC 2.0)
AIS (Marg O’Connell, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)



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