It is R U OK? Day in Australia on 11 September.
… the official day for making explicit the everyday care we have for each other.
I started writing about the day and R U OK? in 2010.
Gavin Larkin commented on that post and wrote about his Dad, Barry.
Gavin founded R U OK? in 2009 in memory of Barry.
I have thought a great deal about Gavin and his work. Connecting through conversation each and every day can have profound consequences.
In the video from which I have taken a frame grab above, Gavin talks eloquently about the importance of conversation.
Much of my desire to work with athletes and coaches has arisen from the death of my brother, John, in 1982. John was 26 when he died. Last year, I was able to provide a picture for his Wikipedia entry, 31 years on.
I will be thinking about Gav on 11 September and his wonderful idea to connect our concern for each other’s well-being. I will be thinking too about all the conversations I can have with a very simple but profound question … each day.
If you would like more information about R U OK? there is an excellent website.
There will be more information at #ruokday too.


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