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I received this alert today.
I had used other blogging platforms before WordPress but opened my account in June 2008 to blog about CCK08.
I chose the name Clyde Street as it was my home address in Mongarlowe, NSW. I thought it might connect me with all the remarkable participants in the open online course that has had such an impact on open learning..
The name has stayed with me. Six years later my WordPress tally is:
I lost my record of visitors to Clyde Street when I changed to the domain Since the change I have had visitors from:
I love writing and I love sharing.
From the first post on 3 June 2008 to this post, I have written as a personal activity. I am always surprised to find that people have visited Clyde Street and engaged with the content.
One of my hopes is that my eclectic interests in learning, teaching and performing create a treasure basket of topics and ideas.
I am keen to try out new ideas on Clyde Street. With the help of my son, Sam, I have added this week two new open source features:

I have used Vanilla for the forum as a generic resource.
I am very excited about installing Alan Levine’s ds106 Assessment Bank. I am not sure where this will take me but it has marvelous synergy with the origins of this blog and Alan’s involvement in CCK08.
I have been inspired by Stephen Downes to pursue open sharing opportunities. Many of my posts are seeded by ideas Stephen includes in OLDaily. I hope the next stage of my journey is to work even harder to create open educational resources that might be of interest or help.
I look forward to more anniversary celebrations with WordPress. This is where it all started … deciding to blog after a day in the garden.


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