NRL 2014 Round 6: some order in chaos

After five weeks of flux, the NRL 2014 competition returned to a sense of order in Round 6.
My record is:
NRL Week 6
If higher ranked teams from 2013 defeat lower ranked teams then this is recorded in green. When lower ranked teams lose to higher ranked teams these are recorded in blue. Six of the eight games followed this pattern in Round 6. The exceptions were the Roosters’ loss to the Eels and the Cowboys’ loss to the Tigers.
I record a lower ranked victory as gold to indicate its importance. I record a higher ranked team’s loss to a lower ranked team as red since this is a very important warning signal. The Roosters and the Cowboys have both lost four games to lower ranked teams. The Eels and the Tigers have both defeated four higher ranked teams.
The Ladder after Round 6 is:

Ladder 6

Photo Credit

Nathan Gardner (Naparazzi, CC BY-SA 2.0)


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