An Inside Game of Baseball?

I have gone back to have a look at Hugh Fullerton’s insights into the inside game of baseball from 1910.
I noticed that Hugh observed:

Given the speed and direction of the ball and the speed of the player, it is possible to figure to a millionth of a watt where his hands will meet the ball …

Given the average speed of the infielders, it would be possible to calculate beforehand approximately the number of base hits each team will make in a season – if the players were automatons.

The prompt to return to the paper was a post by Dayn Perry about player tracking. He shared Mark Newman’s news about Major League Baseball Advanced Media’s plan for an ‘in-ballpark infrastructure designed to provide the first complete and reliable measurement of every play on the field and answer previously unanswerable analytics questions’.
This frame grab connects 2014 baseball with 1910.
With this outcome:

Photo Credits Frame Grabs



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