The Lebedew Brothers

I read a great blog post by Mark Lebedew today … thanks to an alert from John Kessel.
Mark wrote about the International Volleyball Association and shared some video from 1979.
I am very impressed by Mark’s writing. Whenever I read his posts I am left wanting to learn more.
I think this is, in part, because I am fascinated by biography and the sociology of knowledge thanks to my introduction many years ago to Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann’s ideas about the social construction of reality. Mark’s writing speaks to this social construction.
He offers a special insight into coaching too. In a more recent post he discusses Vyacheslav Platonov. This post has the special bonus of using his father’s translation of My Profession: The Game.
Mark’s brother, Alexis, is a great blog writer too. I look forward to his travel logs and his discussions about coaching. He has inducted me into a very distinctive approach to observation. I am still smiling about his experiences in Nauru a year on.
I have known Mark and Alexis for fifteen years. Our paths cross every now and then. There is something very reassuring knowing that the Lebedew Brothers are out and about contemplating the art and practice of coaching.

Photo Credits

Mark Lebedew (Eckhard Herfet)
Alexis Lebedew (FIVB)


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