Photo Stories

I have received two interesting alerts about photo stories today.
One was news that Edward Tufte has collaborated with Adam Schwartz to share a free web-app, ImageQuilts.
I tried to install the App on my Chrome Browser but could not find it. I will need to work on this as I am very interested in Edward’s point that “viewers will often learn more about a topic from ImageQuilts than conventional search results”.
I had more luck with a recommendation from Richard Byrne, Fotopedia.
This is the link to the six photographs I uploaded. I like the geo-location possibilities and the integration with Wikipedia.
I noticed from the Wikipedia page about Fotopedia that there is a support for Creative Commons licenses.
I can see lots of applications for Fotopedia. I wondered if the geo-location feature would be of great interest for field trips.
My next task … to explore Snapchat. I like the transitory nature of this service. Some time ago I tried out Burn Note.

Every Burn Note is set to self-destruct. The Deletion Timer puts you in control of exactly when your Burn Note is deleted.┬áThe length of the Timer is automatically calculated from the message length. Adjust the Timer to add more or less time. Or just hit send. The Timer starts ticking the second your message is opened. Once a Burn Note is read, it’s deleted. Forever.


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