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I have enjoyed reading a number of posts about open access resources this week.
Some of the links to these posts have come from OLDaily.
Tony Bates has written about the 2013 COHERE Conference. The theme of the Conference was ‘Open Resources, Open Courses: their Impact on Blended and Online Learning’.
Diana has written about the Open Educational Resource university (OERu) to be launched on 31 October. There was further information about OERu on WikiEducator. I followed up on these links and read with interest about Wayne Mackintosh.

JISC’s Open Mirror project sounds interesting. Open Mirror “would provide access for the world to the open access research outputs from UK researchers. It would be an aggregation of all UK Open Access content, based upon the network of institutional repositories in the UK”.

Steve Wheeler has discussed learning episodes in a post from last week. He suggests that:

learning episodes rather than courses could be the way forward for ‘just in time’ and ‘just enough’ learning that is personalised, and delivered at the point of need.  Ultimately, it’s a matter of granularity, and an idea based on making all of the components of a course available separately, in any sequence, and deliverable on any platform. Such flexibility is now both achievable and desirable. But how many organisations have the vision to make it happen?

I sense that access to open resources makes this granularity more possible. I do see an enormous role for mOOLEs (micro open online learning episodes). Like Stephen Downes I think that:

Probably the worst thing about MOOCs is that they’re courses (if they weren’t ‘courses’ nobody would care about
completion rates, there wouldn’t be this emphasis on quizzes and credentials, and they wouldn’t be these long  structured content-dumps).

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