Warmth on a Rainy Day

4651578380_586d344f33_oWe were in Coogee yesterday.
Waiting for two very important hospital appointments.
It was raining. Sue and I were off to a hairdresser at the top of the town.
To our delight, as we approached the traffic crossing, we saw some guerilla knitting above the button to press to cross the road.
I thought about taking a photograph of the knitting that wrapped the post but decided to wait until it stopped raining. It was a yellow sleeve with L.O.V.E. knitted beautifully into the sleeve.
When we returned twenty minutes later it had gone!
We wondered who had taken it. We hoped it might be one of the members of Guerilla Knitting Sydney taking it home to dry.
We hoped that others had an opportunity to smile on a wet day too. Guerilla knitting does that to you.

Photo Credits

Coogee (Matthew Knott, CC BY NC-SA 2.0)
Guerilla Knitting (Nomad Tales, CC BY-SA 2.0)


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