130730 Performance Against Ranking 2013 Football Season


This is an eighteenth post about performance against ranking in three football codes in Australia.
The codes are Australian Rules, Rugby League and Rugby Union
You can find some background information about this project here.

Australian Rules

In Round 18, Fremantle, Port Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs played above their 2012 rankings.
This Round saw the second lowest losing average points (62) in this season’s competition. Only Round 10 was lower (60 points).
Over the 18 Rounds of the competition this year, the gap betwwn winners and losers, on average, has been:
Profile WL R18

Rugby League

There were three teams that performed above their 2012 rankings in Round 20: the Warriors, Roosters and Broncos. The Warriors have defeated 7 higher ranked teams in their last eight games. The Roosters have won five consecutive games against higher ranked opponents from 2012.

Rugby Union

The semi-finals of the competition were played last weekend. The lowest ranked team from 2012 provided the upset of the round. The Brumbies defeated the Bulls in Pretoria. In the other semi-final, the Chiefs defeated the Crusaders by one point.

Photo Credit

Brumbies v Crusaders last 07 home game (Percita, CC BY-SA 2.0)


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