Recording Talks

DSCF7641I have received some student satisfaction survey responses this week about the Sport Coaching Pedagogy unit I taught in Semester 1, 2013, at the University of Canberra.
I find the text responses in the surveys very helpful. I do try to adapt my practice as a result of receiving these responses.
One that caught me by surprise was that a student wanted access to video recordings of my lectures. I thought my use of SlideCasts (which have a maximum audio of 10 minutes) would be ideal for those who could not attend. The SlideCasts have lots of hyperlinks should students wish to explore. My hope is that this chunking of information might stimulate reflection and enquiry.
I tend to move around the lecture theatre a great deal and imagine that a video recording might have my voice but no physical presence. I had chosen consciously not to record lectures to maintain my mobility.
The student’s response coincided with a series of tweets from David Hopkins about recording lectures including:
Two references shared by David on Twitter:

GORISSEN, P., VAN BRUGGEN, J., JOCHEMS, W.. Students and recorded lectures: survey on current use and demands for higher educationResearch in Learning Technology, North America, 20, Sep. 2012.

I will read these with interest given the serendipity of a student’s response to my teaching.


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