130625 Performance Against Ranking 2013 Football Season


This is a thirteenth post about performance against ranking in three football codes in Australia.
The codes are Australian Rules, Rugby League and Rugby Union
You can find some background information about this project here.

Australian Rules

Six teams had byes in this week’s Round 13. Four of the six games played in Round 13 followed 2012 rankings. The exceptions were Port Adelaide’s defeat of Sydney and Brisbane’s defeat of Geelong.  What was particularly interesting about both games was that both lower ranked teams overcame an end of third quarter deficit to win. Brisbane’s 38 point comeback was the highest turn around of scores this season. Port Adelaide overcame a 4 point deficit against Sydney.
Average cumulative season and Round 13 profiles for winners were:
Winner 13
For losers:
Loser 13
North Melbourne scored just 9 points in the first half of their game (2 in the first quarter, 7 in the second). Their game total of 29 was just one more point than the Western Bulldog’s score in Round 4.

Rugby League

There were four games played in Week 15 of the season. Only one of the four games games followed the 2012 rankings (the Rabbitohs defeated the Eels). The Bulldogs, Storm and Raiders lost to lower ranked teams.

Rugby Union

There were no games played in the Super 15 competition this week.

Photo Credit

Shane Williams’ Try Part 2 (Sum of Marc, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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