130618 Performance Against Ranking 2013 Football Season


This is a twelfth post about performance against ranking in three football codes in Australia.
The codes are Australian Rules, Rugby League and Rugby Union
You can find some background information about this project here.

Australian Rules

Six teams had byes this week. Five of the six games played this week followed 2012 rankings. The exception was Richmond’s defeat of Adelaide. The result reflected both teams’ performance trends this season: Richmond has beaten four higher ranked opponents, Adelaide has lost to six lower ranked opponents (three in the last three weeks).
Average cumulative and Round 12 profiles for winners were:
Winner 12
For losers:
Loser 12

Rugby League

There were eight games this week. Seven of the eight games followed the 2012 rankings. The exceptions was the Warriors’ defeat of the Roosters in Sydney. This was the Warriors’ fourth successive win against a higher ranked opponent.

Rugby Union

There were no games played in the competition this week.


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