Friday Thoughts

… from Stephen Harris via a link to the Rwanda Summit 2013.

We have to focus on creating learning communities that are totally adaptive to change – but within the security of positive relationships, nurtured in functional communities. We have to collaborate. We should not compete. We have to think beyond ourselves.
The issue is not class size or large space, rather how can we re-engineer learning so that the focus is on high expectations of students, formative evaluation, conversations, feedback, relationships

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  1. Hi Keith. Have continued to follow many of your posts. My retired brain(semi) needs nurture still. Enjoyed this quote, as for the last 3 years I have tried to bring the Social Sciences Teachers Association into a functioning, collaborative community via Ning. It has been a slow process with many 50 something teachers accustomed to a member-provider (teacher-student) mentality.
    OF’s like us can still try to push rocks up hill
    Keep pushing

    • Hello, Steve
      Thank you for posting a comment. I am delighted we are in touch.
      Perhaps it is an age thing … as we reflect on decades of teaching it seems entirely natural to share and cooperate.
      I now think transformation is about accepting an invitation to reach out. It becomes an intrinsic drive that is insatiable.
      Trust all is well with you.

  2. Thanks for the reply. Semi-retirement and having time for some creativity and travel is very nice indeed. I am involved with a wonderful group of retired teachers trying to utilise our experience to help others …… At the same time as helping each other adjust to our third age.
    Enjoying our first grandchild William Chase …… Even though he is likely to play for the All Blacks!
    Love to all yours


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