Lewis Lancaster

My wife, Sue, and I were driving back from Canberra yesterday afternoon.
Our journey home coincided with a Spirit of Things program, Buddhism on the Move, on Radio National.
220px-Lewis_Lancaster_NTI_2013Rachael Kohn, the program host, spoke with Lewis Lancaster about his work in sharing Buddhist texts. I was fascinated by his work and was particularly interested in the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI).
The ECAI is based at University of California, Berkeley. It is a global consortium of people who share a vision “of creating a distributed virtual library of cultural information with a time and place interface”.
I think the podcast of the conversation between Rachael and Lewis is a great resource for anyone interested in connecting communities on line. I think it is an even stronger statement about how someone with vision can use online technology to share scholarship.
This 2008 talk provides further insights into Lewis’s work.

Photo Credit

Lewis Lancaster (Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0)


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