5954477962_68eb7c5370_bOliver Freeman has written a delightful post for Ockham’s Razor on Radio National.
(Oliver is the co-author (with Richard Watson) of Futurevision.)
In his post, Oliver observes:

The reality is that all imagined futures are abstract constructs that are only visible as extensions of the way we see the world and how we got to where we are today. This does not reduce their power or effectiveness. What it does do is to recognise the role of foresight as a tangible means of accessing a world where choices can be made that might deliver sustainable pathways to a better future.


It is not hard to see the value of foresight in the context of the challenge of building a better future. It encourages us to build frameworks for preferred futures, what we want, and to set against them the alternative futures (scenarios) we might get. This comparing reveals the contestability of our preferences and what we might need to do to transform the reality of what is happening to our preferred destination.

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Telescope on the Eiffel Tower (Oh Paris, CC BY 2.0)


    • Thanks for this link, Gordon. I am very interested in the role of custos and wondered if this characterises your and my perceptions of sport.
      Thanks for finding the post.


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