Enjoying Performance Data

I am staggered by the volume and quality of performance data available on the public internet.
I have been following the WNBL season in Australia. The regular season ended last weekend with the Round 19 games. I have been looking at patterns of winning and losing.
Overall in the regular season, the profile of average winning and losing margins was:
The profile of the minor premiers (Bendigo) and the team on the bottom of the ladder (West Coast) was:
Whilst looking at these patterns I was elated to discover that a friend, Julian Zipparo, was leading the world in Fantasy Football predictions.
Apart from a foray into a Canberra Times’ tipping competition two years ago (I was called ‘The Boffin’) I have not engaged in any kind of Fantasy Sport. I am tipping my hat to Julian. He manages a team called Ranieri’s Ghost:
I think leading a crowdsourced competition of 2,576,364 participants is VERY impressive.
This was Julian’s Gameweek 26 team:
What about this for a calling card?


  1. You’re too kind Keith. Next year I am determined to lure you into the game!
    Am sure it’s not news to you, but twitter.com/optajoe is well worth following
    Take care, Julian


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