Two Rounds of the 2013 Six Nations' Rugby Union Tournament

6850193612_7b1baffb88_bI have been following some of the data coming out of the 2013 Six Nations’ Tournament provided by Sotic on the Match Centre pages of theĀ Official website.
This season I thought I would use Google Sheets to record data and to share them. I am noting the following items:
Score Profile

  • Victory Margin
  • Half Time Margin
  • Tries
  • Penalty Tries
  • Conversions
  • Penalty Goals
  • Drop Goals

Possession and Territorial Advantage

  • Possession 1H %
  • Possession 2H %
  • Time in Opp Half 1H %
  • Time in Opp Half 2H %


  • Penalties and Free Kicks Conceded

Possession and Continuity

  • Passes
  • Offloads
  • Are there more lineouts than scrums?

I have compiled two weeks of data here.
I wonder if this approach might facilitate a co-operative spirit in performance analysis. I am thinking about Kenneth Goldsmith’s observation:

You see, we are faced with a situation in which the managing of information has become more important than creating new and original information. … The new creativity is pointing, not making. Likewise, in the future, the best writers will be the best information managers.

The suite of tools available in Chrome is prompting me to think about how we share and discuss performance. This is my desktop at the moment:
I see these as a powerful set of resources to share with the Google+ tools available … and to add to the Visual Storytelling ideas shared by Kirsten Jassies.

Photo Credit

Six Nations – Wales 16 – France 9 (Phil Rogers, CC BY-NC 2.0)


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