One of those special days in Australian sport

MHMichael Hussey retired from Test Cricket yesterday.
I abandoned work for the afternoon to see his final innings at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Like many Australians, my wife Sue and I admired his ability, his modesty and his exemplary character. We celebrated and agonised throughout his career so yesterday we sat together and savoured one last innings.
Channel 9 had prepared a delightful tribute to him that included some early video of him at home playing backyard cricket. After guiding Australia to victory in his final test, when interviewed Michael extolled the importance of being a team player.
Of all the available video of Michael Hussey, this is the one that brought home to me the tacit knowledge a champion cricketer has. It is not a video of him batting, fielding or bowling … it is about his cricket bag.

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Frame Grab (1m 50s) Cricket Show Video



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